Source Buy Sell Plastics, virgin, reprocessed, regrind, scrap plastic


Are you a producer or a reseller?

While Plastiko does resell/broker materials, we also have rep agreements to sell/distribute some products. Plastiko also works with a network of toll processors and compounders in North America to create products for customers.

Where do you warehouse material?

Multiple options throughout North America.

Does Plastiko do mostly domestic or export?

We do both Domestic and Export. If you have a concern about the material you are purchasing is domestic or imported we can provide that information.

Same goes when selling material to Plastiko, if you want to make sure your material is exported or stays domestic please inform us prior to the sale.

Does Plastiko work with other resellers?

Yes, Plastiko is open to working with other resellers and distributors.

What markets do we service?

Plastiko works in all markets where thermoplastics are used. 

Can Plastiko sample material?

Yes, you can sample material on the majority of our offers. There are a few circumstances where this may not be possible.  In these cases, you will be disclosed why it is not possible and alternative approval options may be offered.

Note: Sample sizes over 100 lbs. may require a purchase order.


What is the minimum volume of material we will purchase?

Plastiko brings in quantities of no smaller than 5,000 lbs. up to 1 million lbs+.

How do we value material?

Plastiko’s goal in all transactions is to create value for both buyer and seller.  We will maximize the value of material for our sellers and provide competitive prices for buyers.

What materials does Plastiko sell and purchase?

Plastiko works with #1-7 types of thermoplastics. We can accept them in scrap, rolls, bales, regrind, pellets, and virgin forms. We can even help move some additives and color concentrates. If you are unsure if we may take something, it is best to contact us.

What are Plastiko’s payment terms?

Our standard terms are Net 30 days for Domestic US and Canada. Credit application is required.  All exported materials are CIA (Cash in Advance.)

Accepted forms of payment?

ACH, Check, Wire transfer.  ACH payments are preferred. 

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