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Toll Processing

Recycled material allows us to save money and be eco-conscious in our manufacturing choices, but we understand that you need a specific type of material to keep your facility running smoothly.

We have a network of industry leaders in plastic supply that can help us offer repurposed plastic material to suit your needs.

Our Experience In Sustainable Plastic


Think big

Plastiko began working with recycled content after being approached by a food packaging company. A fire at their extrusion facility had left them with over one million pounds of damaged and (seemingly) unusable PS rolls. Plastiko was able to help them find new applications and pay them for unusable material.


Partners, Not Clients

This success gave Plastiko the opportunity to establish a toll processing program for the scrap PS and the ability to sell reprocessed resin that would otherwise be wasted by the customer. Over the years the team has taken this experience and applied it to a variety of industries. Plastiko has been able to help companies seeking recycled resins and also those with excess materials.


Finding Oportunities

COVID-19 forced all of us to reconsider how we live and do business, but it also created new opportunities for plastic recycling. Many companies producing PPE (personal protective equipment) experienced massive demand increases and suddenly were producing more scrap plastics than ever before. Plastiko was able to help several accounts producing Polycarbonate face shields with this problem by purchasing the unusable material then having it cleaned and processed back into a pellet.

Other Solutions

Plastics supply recycled shipping logistics trucking


Plastiko is an expert at shipping and transportation logistics for recycled content. We ensure trucks are there to pick up and drop off material on time and with minimal disruption.

Shipping port overseas plastic supplier


Export policy and international plastics distribution can be tricky. We’ve navigated these waters before and we can help you do so with ease.

Plastic Supply Colors Recycle


When you’re looking for new product, we assist you by providing a sample, testing, and facilitating qualification of a product before you add it to your line.

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