Address Plastic Molding Challenges Using Recycled Resins with Help From Plastiko, Inc.

To tackle the hurdles associated with increasing the use of recycled materials, a multifaceted approach is required, involving technical advancements, process refinement, and support from suppliers like Plastiko, Inc. Here are strategies aimed at facilitating the utilization of recycled resins by companies:

Research and Development: Allocate resources for research and development efforts aimed at enhancing the quality and performance of recycled resins. Develop cutting-edge technologies that enhance the properties of recycled materials, making them more suitable for molding processes.

Material Testing and Certification: Establish industry standards and certifications for recycled resins to ensure consistent quality. Offer testing facilities and certifications that validate the characteristics of recycled materials, instilling confidence in manufacturers.

Technical Support and Training: Provide manufacturers with access to technical support and training programs focused on the utilization of recycled resins. Offer guidance on adapting processing parameters, mold design, and troubleshooting issues related to recycled materials.

Process Optimization: Fine-tune molding processes to accommodate the unique attributes of recycled resins. Adjust parameters such as temperature, pressure, and cycle times to achieve optimal results when working with recycled materials.

Compatibility Testing: Conduct comprehensive compatibility tests between recycled resins and existing molds and processing equipment. Ensure that equipment can handle recycled materials without requiring extensive modifications.

Supply Chain Collaboration: Foster collaboration with suppliers to ensure a steady and consistent supply of high-quality recycled resins. Work jointly to address challenges related to the sourcing and processing of recycled materials.

While numerous solutions exist to overcome the challenges associated with molding plastic using recycled materials, selecting the right partner with a deep understanding of these challenges and extensive experience in finding tailored solutions is paramount. Enter Plastiko, Inc.

Plastiko, Inc. embarked on its journey with recycled content when approached by a food packaging company grappling with a predicament. A fire at their extrusion facility had left them with over one million pounds of damaged and seemingly unusable PS rolls. Plastiko, Inc. stepped in to assist, identifying new applications and compensating the company for previously unusable material.

This triumph paved the way for Plastiko, Inc. to establish a toll processing program for scrap PS, enabling the sale of reprocessed resin that would otherwise have gone to waste. Over the years, this experience has been applied across various industries, aiding companies in need of recycled resins and those with excess materials.

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